2 days of free live book-planning Event

Discover How to Spread Your Light and Become a Leader and Auhtority in Your Field By Publishing A Book

With Ally Nathaniel  

Picture yourself holding the book YOU WROTE, ready to touch lives and make a difference

Tuesday, January 15, and Wednesday, January 16

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Day 1: Discover How You Can Get Your Book Done, No Matter Your Current Skill Level.

  • Why writing a book will CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever 
  • What mistakes you must avoid 
  • How to brand yourself by writing a book 
  • How to become a LEADER by publishing a book
  • Why NOW is the right time
  • And more!

Day 2: Get Ready To Rock!


  • What are the wining card every author should pick
  • What does "Start at the end and move backward" means  
  • How to set up your mind for success
  • What's the #1 key to getting your book published
  • How to outline your book and get ready to rock the world in 2019


Ally Nathaniel is a #1 bestselling author. She has sold over 40,000 copies of her first book and topped Amazon for 16 weeks straight. Ally was also invited by Amazon to be a panelist and lead their social media campaign “Lunch with Authors.”  

Ally Nathaniel, known as “The Women’s #1 Publisher” mentors women who want to make a difference on how to write and publish a book. She believes women should raise their voice and spread their light in order to make an impact.  

Ally delivers high-impact motivational and transformational techniques to women, so they can get unstuck, write a book, and change the world.  

After more than ten years of recruiting for the Israeli Defense Forces, Amdocs, and other large high-tech companies, Ally left the corporate world and immigrated to the United States. That’s where she had a chance to put her creative and entrepreneurial skills to the test. In just a few short years Ally topped Amazon’s bestseller list, sold tens of thousands of copies, built a publishing business, and helped nearly a hundred aspiring authors write, publish, and market their books.  

Ally is inspired to help women raise their voice by writing a book that wins stages and grows their business!  

"It was a great honor to have you speak at The Power of Women's Leadership Conference. I have received many favorable remarks about your speech and thestyle in which you delivered the information." 

- NaghiliaDesravines Founder /CEO, WomELLE

"You took me to the finish line very quickly, without you I'd still be shopping for running shoes."​​

- Anthony Cavo, Yesterday's Bride

"Thank you for saving me time and frustration and making the publishing process simple, easy to follow, and enjoyable." ​​

- Sarah Walton , Redefining Success 

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