Unleash You 2018

The Power of Change & Transition - From Confusion to Success 

October 10th, 7 pm | Clinton Inn, Tenafly NJ 

Early-bird $35 (Ended)/ At the door $45

Pre- event price: $40

Unleash You for Women

Ally Nathaniel, best-selling author, speaker, founder of AN Better Publishing, and creator of the Emotional Business IQ, has cooked up an empowering and inspirational event for women. The panel includes some of the most inspirational and courageous women in Bergen County, and I’m excited to bring you a night of connections, laughs and real and thought-provoking conversation.

The evening is all about breaking the isolation, connecting, and having a real conversation about life: success, health, love and using transitional period to gain clarity and therefore advance yourself and achieve success. Also, we'll have plenty of time for networking, Q&A with an incredible panel of women, meeting new people, spending time with old friends and listening to inspiring women as they share their stories of success.

7:00: Doors open. Check-in, get your nametag and enjoy some light snacks and a cash bar. Check out our vendors, meet some new women and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.  

7:30: Evening begins with Ally Nathaniel talking about Unleashing Your Voice – The importance of raising your voice and sharing your story to raise awareness and create change.  

8:00: Panel Discussion. We have fantastic women who will share their inspiring stories of success despite challenging circumstances. It is about the real conversation, honesty and "human" moments where we connect on a deep level. We always learn the most from women who find the courage and spirit to share their stories.  

8:45: Wrap up of panel Q&A and networking time. You'll have the opportunity to meet with our amazing panelists, vendors and other women, get tons of pictures and make new friends.  

We'll have more details coming as the event gets closer! See you there!

Unleash You 2018 Panelists

Ally Nathaniel, Host and Panel Moderator

Ally, host of Unleash You, is a best-selling author, speaker, funder of AN Better Publishing and creator of the Emotional Business IQ (EBIQ.) Ally's job, and passion is to help women find their unique voices so they can create businesses and lives they love and desire.

Ally's first book become Amazon #1 bestseller for 16 weeks and sold over 40,000 copies. Writing that book changed her life and launched her new career, where she helps women do the same: reconnect with their voices and purpose, become leaders and launch or grow businesses they love.



Einav Gefen

Einav is the corporate executive Chef for Unilever Food Solutions, leading the North American culinary team. She’s working closely with sales and marketing shaping the company’s culinary portfolio and growing sales. Einav immigrated to the US over 10 years ago and built herself from the ground up. Watch Einav giving a Ted Talk about “Owning the Kitchen Again” http://bit.ly/Einav_Gefen_Ted

Sarah Walton

Sarah is the founder of sarahWalton.com and creator of The Money Mindset Course. She mentors women who want to leave the corporate world and start their own business, as well as entrepreneurs on how to grow their business so they could have the life they want and deserve. Sarah, who was born in a small town in Utah moved to NY City and climbed the corporate ladder until one day she had enough. Despite her success, she left the corporate world and launched her own business. Her passion is to put more money in the hands of more women. You can learn more about Sarah and her journey here https://sarahwalton.com/about/

Renee Jensen

Renee is the force behind “Mommies Time Out,” a local online community who supports thousands of women in Bergen County. Renee, an adopted and abused child was able to rise above her life circumstances, battling mental illness and divorcing the father of her two children to support other women. Renee will share her journey and will speak about transitioning from marriage to being a single mom – from surviving to thriving. You can learn more about Renee here https://www.mytime-out.com  

Michele Brown

Michele Brown is owner and president of IntuAction Coaching LLC, a talent development consulting firm she started in 2007. IAC has successfully assisted a large number of private, for profit and non-profit organizations in the development needs of their most senior leaders and high potential employees. Michele will discuss how transitioning to an older age affects women and how to enjoy the journey and develop the best approach to managing this transition in business and life. To learn more about Michele click here http://www.intuactioncoaching.com

You can read Ally’s, Sarah’s and Renee’s stories in this book http://amzn.to/2yP0Dp4

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