Meet other powerful ladies, like yourself, who are looking to lead, grow their businesses and life and make a huge impact in the world.  

Why? ​ Because isolation is the #1 enemy of women, and meeting others, like yourself, is the secret sauce to success. ​ We, women, are wired to connect and work in groups. ​We are wired to help each other, and we are wired to live in tribes. ​So what happened? Why do we shutter ourselves, hide, and stay quite while expecting to achieve greatness? ​ This doesn’t make sense! ​ That’s why I created the Unleash You Networking group – So we could get together; Connect Show ourselves And get as BIG as possible.  

 This is all about YOU chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. This is about you making connections. And this is about you breaking the isolation and meeting other women. The number of seats is very limited, so make sure to reserve your spot now  

And on a personal note:​ I want to meet YOU. I want YOU to leave a mark on this planet, and I want to be part of YOUR journey.  

Join me for a fun event at Dimora, Norwood NJ (hors d'oeuvre, buffet and cash bar​) 

on Thursday, January 24th at 7 pm.